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April 25 2018

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April 24 2018

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Reenactor throws a spear at a drone

What a time to be alive.

“The medieval warrior, realizing the consequences of his impulsive act, immediately approached the owner of the drone and offered to pay for the damage.

The owner of the drone was so impressed by the brilliant attack that he suggested organizing a competition for bringing down “dragons” with short spears next year.

Drone owners have another year to develop a unique “dragon-like” design for their flying machines.” (x)

I am 100% cooler with this knowing that the spear-thrower realized “oops maybe I shouldn’t have done that” and tried to make it right, and that the guy who the drone belonged to was cool with it

just so everyone knows, this has already been memorialized in a runestone

Sometimes the world isn’t such a bad place.

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April 22 2018

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tel de kandidaten roermond in het plaatje ... [neem dit a.u.b. met een korreltje 'ge-exorceerd' zout] [welke richting lopen die uit?] [shepherd dogs!] [achterin een 'ghost dog'] [5 kanshebbers?] [of gewoon een fraaie animatie] ["voor jou geen voorjaarscocktail meer!"]
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wird täglich entleert
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April 20 2018

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April 16 2018

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April 13 2018

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4chan is dead 
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April 09 2018

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